Silver bracelet - can you help with the date?

Hi everyone,

My first posting… please can you help me date this bracelet that was given to my mother by her grandmother about 1943. I think it is silver and from Birmingham?? But the date alludes me. It looks slightly yellow and I didn’t even know it was silver until I started looking at the hallmarks. Every link in the bracelet chain is hallmarked! Is that normal?

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Silver Bracelet Closeup rear1.jpg

You are correct with silver and Birmingham, but the date is 1960, so I’m afraid your family story is a little out of kilter.

Thanks for your reply - I’m astonished as my mum remembers being given it when she was a little child, and her grandmother died about 1945. Are you completely sure that is the case before I ask her again? I must say that family stories are notoriously inaccurate!


Absolutely sure. You can check Birmingham date letters at the Birmingham Assay Office site:

Thanks very much for your expertise. It’s much appreciated. Now I have to somehow find out how the family story came to be…

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