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Silver Bracelet hallmarks not found anywhere :/

Good morning folks! My name is Deb :blush:
I’ve found this silver bracelet in a op shop and I’ve been surfing the net far and wide for the hallmarks printed on it. Not much luck hence I’m here :smiley:
The only thing that make sense is the is gold plated (shape around 925) and is not causing me allergy :wink:
Could you please assist?
thank you in advance

Isn’t it silver? Or are the photos not showing that it’s gold? If it’s silver, the 925 means it’s sterling, 92.5% pure silver.

Hi Imec, it’s silver but the symbol around 925 is not for silver so i assumed is gold plated?

That 925 simply means it’s composed of 92.5% pure silver (sterling standard). I’m not sure why you are saying gold plated, as it does not appear to have any gold on it. Also, even when gold plated, the mark refers to the silver underneath the gold, and its quality/purity, there’s not always any notation about the gold plating. I have a number of vermeil pieces (18K+ gold or higher of 5 microns thickness over 80.%+ solid silver), and all of them only have marks about the silver, as plated items/portions of items do not require marks.