Silver Bracelet

Hi everyone,

I’ve not managed to take a photograph yet of this bracelet, but am looking for help in identifying where it’s from.

On the inside of the bracelet it has 2 ‘hallmarks’, on one side It has a patent number of PAT-NC-1143377, in front of the patent number is a symbol of a lion and another symbol of an X, on the other side it has the initials MM then an anchor, a lion and an X.

I’ve tried to research this on the internet by using the patent number which brought me to a website called WorthPoint, this showed a picture of a bracelet which is extremely similar and states that it’s American in origin because of the patent number, but couldn’t find any other information without being charged.

If anyone can help i’d be really grateful.

Thank you so much.

The patent number is probably British. UK patent number 1143377 was issued in 1979. From your description the bracelet has a British hallmark for Birmingham 1972. In addition the hallmark is not an import mark so the bracelet was made in Britain. I have seen examples of this maker’s wares (all bracelets) dated from 1972 to 1974, but have not identified him.