Silver Bull on stand - Dutch 1925??

Good Evening,

My grandma has asked me to ask for advice on the value and history of her Silver Bull.

The story goes that my great-grandfather “obtained” the bull during WWII whilst in Germany.

The bull including the plinth weighs about 20 oz and looking at the marks (after several hours of research and straining my eyes) it would suggest a Dutch 1925 piece. The lion faces right, there is a ladies head and what looks like a P which would suggest 1925.

The inscription on the plinth suggests a company called Oelwerke Noury & Van Der Lande, in the German town of Emmerich.

I have tried to take some pictures of the hall marks, but its a very tricky spot, it is also quite dirty!

If you have any tips for cleaning out the hall marks it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks all in advance.