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Silver Candlestick convertered to a lamp

I was given a Silver lamp which I am thinking was converted into a lamp, can someone give me information on the maker and the year, I believe it was made Sheffield in 1918 but I cant seem to find the exact makers mark

I have some flatware with similar shaped marks to yours. I have attributed mine to be of Barraclough & Sons (James Henry & Herbert Barraclough).
Our moderator may be able to confirm?

Yes, I think that John has got it right. The mark was originally JHB over HB. Zachariah Barraclough & Sons was a company based in Leeds.

Thanks John, do you have a picture of the Hallmark I can see?


At the risk of being hubristic see my web site at … -J.html#JH


No risk involved! Fully entitled to your hubris. An excellent site