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Silver Candlestick ID Help

Hello, I wondered if anyone might be able to offer any information this candlestick. Is this a silver mark? Many thanks.

It’s a silver plate mark of J Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. However this is an early form of their mark and may pre-date electroplating. If so then this may be Old Sheffield Plate (OSP) which comprises a thin sheet of silver bonded to a base metal. This can often be detected by looking at an edge to see if distinct layers can be seen. Otherwise it is probably electroplate.


Thank you very much for your reply. I can’t see any distinct layers towards the edges, but have added some close up photos just in case I’m missing something. Do you know when this mark dates to? Many thanks again.

It looks like electroplate rather than OSP. Looking at your picture I think I see some base metal showing through the plating.

Dixons used this mark on sterling as well as plate and I have noted it with hallmark dates between 1834 and 1863 so that gives an approximate time span.

Thank you very much for all your help! I’ve never owned anything this old…I might try to give it a polish. Thank you again, very helpful.