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Silver card case with Angels.


Take a look.
Silver, England, 4.16 ounces (118 grams).
Hallmarked for Birmingham 1906. Maker “C&S”.
Has original silver pencil and Bakelite/ivory card. Silk lined interior.

If I wanted to sell it what would be the best route?
Thanks for your responses in anticipation.

289152_110414162706_silver_cig_5 (Mobile).JPG
289152_110414161956_silver_cig_2 (Mobile).JPG
289152_110414161638_silver_card_case (Mobile).JPG

More images.
289152_110414163600_card_sil_1 (Mobile).JPG
289152_110414162604_silver_cig_6 (Mobile).JPG
289152_110414162513_silver_cig_3 (Mobile).JPG