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Silver Cat Pin Cushion Hallmark Identification Help?

Hi I’m new here.
I’m looking for some help to identify a hallmark, it’s on a small cat pin cushion aboun 27mm high.
It’s similar to the one in the link below:
but mine has a tiny hallmark on it’s tail.
From what i can make out, it’s a London piece, and i think the date letter is a “v”, but i can’t make out the makers name.
I think it’s DS, but my partner thinks it’s OS, either way i’m struggling to identify it.
Thank you in anticipation of your help
silver cat.jpg
cat hallmark.jpg

I believe that it’s intended to be Db. This is the mark of Doubar Ltd, a company described as “wholesalers and importers of jewellery” of Letchworth, Hertfordshire. They ceased trading in 2006. The hallmark’s date letter V is for 1995.

Thank you, that’s really helpful.
I really appreciate your input :smiley: