Silver Cat with RH in the hallmark


I’m new to this forum but seeking help understanding a hallmark please!

I inherited a silver cat from a great aunt a few years ago and recently found it again. On the base of the cat which is flat, there is a hallmark of a small crown with three points and within it at the base are two seperate letters R H. The hallmark is so small its impossible for me to photograph it!

Any assistance clarifying this would be great!



Hi there Rachel. It would be good to know where you think it comes from or where you purchased it. This is because I have a feeling the R H is someones initials and if you knew the origin it would be easier to know who made it. Sometimes youll find that the maker didnt make the product in a major city dealing with silver i.e. london or sheffield, and instead was made in a less known place i.e. bristol, which I think is the case with your item as if it was made in one of these major citys it would be hallmarked most certainly. So it may be more difficult to identify the maker. Hope this can be of some help