Silver Chafing Dish Hallmark Help

Hey I have a chafing dish I would like to know more about. It has a detachable ivory handle and metal top, and inside it’s divided into three sections. The part with sections can be removed from the bottom of the dish. From my research I believe this to be from the period of George III because of the gadrooned borders but I’m not sure. It has 5 hallmarks on the back but the last is mostly worn off. It seems to be a face facing to the right. The other hallmarks are as follows from left to right: a crown/leopard’s head or something of a similar shape, a strange item I cannot describe well, a P, and then the G and likely duty mark. All hallmarks are spaced the same amount apart.

I am not sure if it is silver-plated or real silver, and this is primarily what I would like to know. I would like to also know the percentage of silver it is if it is silver. It weighs 2185 grams without the ivory handle. Thanks in advance for any help.
Chafing Dish.jpg
Chafing Dish Components.jpg

Sorry, I can’t say anything definite without a much clearer picture of the marks. It is sometimes possible to get a clear picture by pointing your digital camera lens through a magnifying glass or even a jeweller’s loupe.

Ok I’ll try to get a better quality picture, thanks for the tip. And just a tidbit I picked up after my post, the second hallmark looks very similar to the hallmark two to the right of the star at the bottom of the picture. Would you happen to know what that item is, and is it an indication of silver quality?

I posted a new pic of the hallmarks, hope it helps. Thanks again :slight_smile:.

I posted a new pic of the hallmarks, I’ve found out that the second item is a Fleurs de lys. Hope this helps. Thanks again :slight_smile:.

Until we see pictures of the marks on your dish we can’t make any definite pronouncements. A fleur de lys is a relatively common emblem on electroplated and silver wares.

I assume that none of the EG Webster & Sons marks is on your dish and that you have just used them for illustration purposes. I also assume that you have permission to use them if they are not your own images.