Silver chain ?hallmark??

I am very new to identifying hallmarks.

These ones appears on a small silver chain and appears to have 2 x 925’s stamped with different text fonts. and ? a Date letter?old english U?

Sorry for image quality, really small chain.

Your marks are called Convention Marks. I think that the 3rd mark may be the Birmingham anchor. You will find an article on Convention Marks at the Birmingham Assay Office web site.

the 3rd mark looks like an ‘A’ in script like 1975. The reason i say this is i have a peice like this where the stamp was small so the stamp wasnt put directly on and rather half on, half off. Either way its unreadable. Try putting a loupe infront of the lens when u take a picture for a clearer image

Thank you for the help, I am really new to collecting silver pieces.
This helps a lot!

So if the third letter is an anchor, the earliest this piece could be would be 1972?

Yes, 1972 is the earliest date you will see a convention mark. One of the points about convention marks is that there is no requirement for a date letter - only an assay office identifier. The 3rd symbol looks like the top of a Birmingham anchor to me. and the shape of the punch is that which was used from 1975 so that gives a slightly later earliest date, assuming I am right about the anchor. You should also note that usage of the Convention Marks was not very usual until the 1990s so it is more likely that the chain is less than 20 years old.