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Silver Cigarette Case - LV Birmingham Hallmarked

Hi, Please can you help me read the hallmarks on a Cigarette case

LV - i am reading as Lawrence Vernon

Anchor - i am reading as Birmingham

Lion - i am reading as 925 silver

V - Unsure if it is 1920 or 1945

Overall weight is 205g

Is there a reason why there are seperate hallmarks on the 2 halves of the case?

Thank you

You have read the marks correctly. This V is 1945, if only because it fits Vernon’s dates.

Where silver items come in more than one piece, even if joined together, each piece must be hallmarked. However where the join is semi-permanent it is not necessary for the full hallmark to be applied to each part as long as all components are there somewhere. Hence we have one full mark and one partial mark.


Many Thanks for you help and confirmation Phil