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Silver Cigarrette Box

Can anyone help. Have had this silver box for a couple of years now. Been having a clearout and found it again after putting it away after brought it from a carboot sale for a tenner about 3 years ago.

Has 4 stamps on it.

  1. Cant read it perfectly but looks like “CSC”
  2. Is a anchor which I think stands for Birmingham
  3. Is a Lion
  4. is the letter “r”

Has instricption as follows:
To the Officers, 63rd Field Bty RA
From Capt AH MacIlwaine RA
26th November 1927
On Retirement

Any help would be appreicated as a nice looking (I Think) cigarrette box.

Based on the inscription the date letter r is most probably 1916, but we need to see a picture to be certain. I do not know of a CSC Birmingham maker so once again a picture is essential for proper identification. I suspect that what you are seeing is only part of a makers mark, the rest having been polished away.