silver claret jug with maker's mark under the lid

I am new, I have a claret jug with a mark under the lid, after many tries, I have been able to up load the pictures. This mark looks like a woman’s top with 3/4 length sleeves and a triangle meeting the bottom of the woman’s top at the middle making it look like a woman’s top and dress. If you have any thoughts on this item or on the mark that, again, is under the lid. I know that it, at least, is silver plated but don’t know if any part of it is sterling. The bottom ring has a screw thru the bottom of the handle, I have removed the screw and the ring has a hing where the bottom ring comes completely off. The ends of the ring are either plated as the look silver or the ring is sterling. I purchased this at a flee market.
thanks in advance
Picture 7015.jpg
Picture 6964.jpg
Picture 7018.jpg

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thanks Phil, I was able to reduce them to be able to add them to the post.