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Silver Collection to be valued

I need assistance in the evaluation for insurance purposes. Insurance requires me to give an amount based on the replacement cost for the collection.
I am based in South Africa and require someone to have a look at the entire collection to give me an indication of what this collection would be worth, whether it be based on a pound/dollar/rand value is of no consequence as long as I have a figure.
I have catalogued the collection with weights, dates and makers names into spreadsheets. I have had a few look at it but the answers are ridiculously vague and I get the feeling the prices are based on what they would pay for it to turn it into a profit.
I of course realise that realistic prices given are expected to have a percentage variable but at least I will have a figure they can work with.
If there is anyone who can put me on to a reputable silver dealer (locally or abroad) who would be able to assist me I would really appreciate it.

Hi Kerry,

Not sure if you found someone, but I have found Leopard’s Antiques helpful in the past. They have a very good knowledge of silver and are located in SA.

Hope this helps,