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Silver cups?


Hi, I’m new to this forum and hope someone can help. I inherited a set of silverplate thingies, not sure what they are supposed to be. They come in two sizes - about 2 inches and also 1.5 inches diamater. I have identified the mark on the larger cup as Henry Wilkinson Sheffield but can’t seem to find anything similar in my searches!

Any help would be appreciated.



I’ve described the cups to an antique dealer here in Sydney and he thinks they may be warming cups for wine or brandy etc - you heat the wine in the cup over a candle flame and then pour them into the glass. Does that sound about right?



How many do you have??

They look like doll house toys but at 2 inches diameter, they’re a little too large.

Yes, they may be for heating something but most liquor warmers come with a frame and burner and are found singularly - not in sets.

Perhaps they are for tealight candles??

They could also be burners that were filled with liquid parrafin, but that would usually be for an egg coddler or something like that and again would be a single rather than a set.

Post a picture of the marks if you can.

Regards // Jonathan


Hi Jonathon

I’ve got six of the larger size and two fo the smaller. I’m going to take them into mycolleague next week and get more information from him if possible, and I’ll let you know. I’ll scan the hallmarks and send.

Thanks for your reply



Hi Jonathon

The hallmarks on the cups are shown in the attached photo. Also, I have seven rather than six of the larger cups.


Silvercups Hallmark.jpg