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Silver Desert Spoon, pre-1950s at least.....

Can’t find any online guides anywhere that match the hallmarks.

Desert Spoon, approx 9 inches long, been in the family since at least the 1950s…

Any ideas, please?

Dont know maker. But looks like AM & Co the marks. However it is not silver but plate.
Proberly english and could very well be older than 1950 - could be 100 years.
But unortunately not silver.

Ah… I was looking for a maker’s mark within one stamp, not spread over four of them…

There’s some wear at the business end, but no sign of a base metal coming through from under plating - I’ll post another pic.

The base metal is probably silver-coloured (e.g. nickel silver) so won’t show up easily.

The letters could also be AB&Co which would match a mark of A Beardshaw & Co of Sheffield.