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Silver Dish from 1805

Hi All,

This piece which is immaculate condition has been in our family for over 200 years. I have no idea about the history, value or even what the purpose of the dish is. The hallmark is almost impossible to photo so I imagine I will have to take a scratching of this although I am not sure whether there is a certain way to do this?

Please see attached photo’s.

It is dated 1805 at the bottom. There is a 3 letter acronym by the look of it which is T.A.D.

Does anybody have any idea what T.A.D. is?

The halmark has 4 symbols. 1 is “xxx”, the next looks like a number which I cannot make out to clearly but it looks like 2 numbers (maybe even 3 if the edge has faded “13” or similar, the next looks like what I can best describe as a “W” and I have no idea what the last one is supposed to be.

If anybody can give me any information, it would be greatly appreciated.



Possibly Dutch. The three cross mark might be the town mark for Amsterdam.
Maybe a drawing of the marks ?