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Silver dish marked 800 KT


Found this silver dish earlier today in a car boot sale for around $2. (R40 in South Africa) First though it was plated as it was realy dirty and I think the base metal were showing. After cleaning and some acid testing is turned out not to be plated. Found the mark 800 KT on it. Do this mean its 800 silver? Were would it have been made and is it art neaveua or earlier? Is it collectable? Any information will be welcome.
2015-10-31 19.26.39.jpg
2015-10-31 19.28.57.jpg
2015-10-31 19.28.16.jpg


Did some research. This is an Oriental Art Deco Yogya Silver candy dish made in Java between 1930 and the 1960’s. It has the classical lotus flower motif.



Here are some clearer pictures of the dish. Still looking for information of the maker of this object.