Silver EPBM Jug

Hi, I wonder if anyone can assist.

I have this jug and am just trying to learn a little more about it. So anything anyone can tell me would be great. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get a better image of the markings.

Thank you

First EPBM means that it is not silver. Electroplated Britannia Metal is a base metal alloy with a microscopically thin layer of pure silver deposited on the surface. The manufacturer was James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield. I cannot read the design registration number but if you can make it out you can look it up here. This will give you an earliest possible manufacturing date.


Hi Phil

Is there any way for me to ‘lift’ the registration number off of the item as it is very unclear, almost as if it had been double stamped?


I can’t think of a method except for trying to work out exactly which bits are on top. I think that the first digit may be 9 and the third 5.


I think that experimenting with Photoshop or a similar image manipulation program might yield results. It would be worth “Googling” Digital Photography Forum and asking there. FWIW I’ve seen detail gleaned from much less promising photos than yours.


Wow, you are all awesome with your help. I will definitely try the options suggested and hopefully be able to get this elusive registration number so that I can try dating this item a little more clearly.

I have been doing the usual google search to try and find other images of a jug like this just to see if someone else has had success with details about this item. But so far I can’t find anything even close to this item. So any help that I have had from you here is invaluable.