Silver forks of unknown origin

Please help me identify the maker’s mark on these forks, as well as the country of origin. I have never seen these hallmarks before.

Hello, E P in general means Electro Plate, that is, it means that your item is plated. I saw that you published several items, have you checked that they are solid silver?

Hello! The objects I posted earlier are part of a larger quantity of silver that was bought by a recycling company. The whole batch was checked using a XRF spectrometer. In addition to many objects that I easily identified by their markings, I also found some pieces whose markings did not seem common to me. I noticed that these parts were not scratched in order to analyze the material in depth and pass the possible plating layer. These days I will also check them with acid. There is a good chance that these objects have escaped testing. Thank you for your kindness and for the information :blush:

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