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silver hallmark 950M ??? help identification please

Since several months I’m interested in silver objects. I bought a new piece from which the hallmark is strange and I need help to identificate it.
On one side is marked ‘SILVER’ on the other side in the form of a ‘house’ a mark: STE than a figure and P under it 950M.

I suppose it is in jugendstihl or arts and craft ??
thanks very much

I believe your house mark is a French mark used on exports since 1884
See the scans below for Christofle and Roussel Fils et Cie examples.

Not sure who used your mark. Possibly Ernest Prudhomme ( see lozenge mark below ).
The symbol in both your mark and Pruhomme’s is a caducée ( caduceus in English ).
However, Ste usually stands for “Societe”.

I enhanced your picture of the mark.

Ernest Prudhomme used an EP mark, with a caducée inbetween ) from 1891 to 1928.
I’m guessing your mark would be a later mark.

Thank you so much for the explanation! It was very helpfull!!!

You’re welcome.
You have the right idea with 950 / 1000. I’m just not sure what M is called in France.

hello, M stands than for mille in French what means thousand.
thanks again