Silver Hallmark Identification - Images worn

Sadly most of the marks are worn down as the tray endured heavy use. We found it amongst a relative’s possessions after they passed and were hoping to find out more about it.

Hallmarks are along the top edge of a large serving tray, approx. 24in long by 18in wide


I can’t identify the maker for certain but I can tell you that this is not a silver hallmark. It reads [E] [&] [Co] [crown] [S] and is a typical electroplater’s mark. Most gothic style “E&Co” marks which we see are those of Elkington & Co of Birmingham. However here we have an “S” in the mark which, conventionally, indicates Sheffield. Assuming that this is made by a Sheffield company and is not from a foreign country I can say that it dates from before the early 1890s as the use of a crown mark on electroplate was outlawed around that time.