Silver Hallmark Identification - WH?

does anyone recognise the manufacturer and origin country of this sugar bowl? I cannot find this hallmark…
I suppose it’s German, the letters may stand for WH. Maybe incomplete British?
Thanks for even trying to help me!

Definitely not British, but 12 loth (750 standard) sounds like it should be German.


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It could be Wolfang Hueber. I know nothing about Him but He was from Bavaria and he lived and worked for more than 10 years in Trapani (Sicily) between 1765 - 1775

Hi I have the same hallmark on a snuff box, but believe it is English. There is the hallmark WH with number 33 underneath, but also a date letter I and the Victoria assay mark. I was told it was manufactured in Chester, England but don’t find a silversmith with those initials.
Any thoughts?

Hamishsan, the original picture does not show a date letter or duty mark so your hallmark cannot be the same. Post a picture of the marks on your box, preferably in a new post, and no doubt someone will be able to help.