Silver Hallmarks

Hello I have a silver ring I found metal detecting it was near a pond at an old park 4 inches down stuck between a trees roots. i look like old fonts or somthing not from USA. The writing on the inside I believe an A then another box with letters CIKT then WAF then P.J or R.J does anyone know what this means? I researched many of the hallmarks site and did not find it any where does anyone know?

I believe the makers mark is R.J RJ or P.J PJ I cant tell if the dot is part of the j or not.
If anyone had a picture of these marks I could compare and figure it out.

I am having it cleaned but wanted to research first.
Any info would be helpful. I was thinking it might be old since the park is one of the oldest in the state?
Thank you,
may 2008 268s.jpg
may 2008 271S.jpg
may 2008 269s.jpg

I took it to a jeweler they said the marking could be from anywhere and it is costume, So I took it home and filed it it is brass colored. I still believe the makers marks are if somthin old they just dont look like somthing from today.
Kelly v

Old and old. What is old? It might be that we dont speak the same language. In my terminology this is new.

Everything made after 1900 is brand new.
Made between 1850 and 1900 then it is old.
Made between 1800 and 1850 then it is a good old thing.
Made before 1800 then it is antique.

When I buy items that is my timeframe. And frankly things made aften 1850 are normally not that interesting. At least not common things - there do excist handicraft made after 1850, that I think are OK. But the large majority of things after 1850 is - what they are - just ordinary things.

it might be that your jeweler has an oppinion similar to mine.

My post might seem a bit… so therefor…
It is not my intention to be “better” but that is the way that I look upon objects.

You have found a ring - and you have a story to that ring. Now that means that in you possesion that ring is something unique. Due to the story.
But should anyone be able to detect the story behing the manufacturer - you must produce a readable picture for comparisson. So many possibilities do excist - so you must not expect anyone to post picture of mark -what you can hope for is that someone can recognice your picture.
kind regards from Denmark.