Silver Identification - Robert Davies?

Does anyone know much about the maker of this please.

The first initial is a little indistinct but, if it’s an R, then the maker is Robert Davies who registered this mark in February 1842. His trade seems to have been smoking-related as a gold and silver pipe mounter and later as an importer of pipes.

Can we see a picture of the complete item please?

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Agree with @silvermakersmarks now moved this to a new topic

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on doing a bit more research I am thinking it is Robert victor Dumenil made 1852 but I can not find much information on Robert.

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You were right after a double check definitely Robert Davies.

Cheers mate :beers:

Just to give a bit more info on this pipe it travelled to New Zealand from Scotland in the 1870s then came with me to Australia in1998 and has been tucked away since.I have great memories of talking to my grandfather about it when I was younger and now shearing those stories with my children.