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Silver ingot hallmark help

Hi, i hope this is the right place to post this. Anyhow, ive got a silver ingot with 5 hallmarks on. Ive managed to find out what some are. I’ve read several conflicting websites now, and i came across this forum so i hope you can help me.

I would be highly greatful if someone could tell me what each hallmark represents, with a bit of info so i know for future reference. I believe the rose denotes sheffield, and the queens head may have something to do with the silver jubilee, but im not sure.

Click Here to see the picture.

Many thanks in advance.

From the top:

  • SSLtd is the maker’s (or sponsor’s) mark, in this case Sterling Silverware Ltd
  • The rose is the town mark for Sheffield (since 1975 - prior to that the Sheffield mark was a crown)
  • Lion passant is the silver standard mark for sterling silver
  • C is the date letter for 1977
  • Queen’s head is a special commemorative mark for the Queen’s silver jubilee: 25 years on the throne. This was only used in 1977 and was not mandatory.

Thank you. Much appreciated :slight_smile: