Silver Ingot markings

Hi i have a silver ingot with 5 markings i have found what some mean but i cannot find them all
the top one is in open book shape with the letters ’ M PM’
second is a anchor
third is a lion (looking left)
fourth is a letter ‘C’ inside a square with the corners squared off
and lastly is the queens head (looking left)

Any help would be great, thanks

Sounds like you have a Birmingham silver piece. MPM is the maker’s (or sponsor’s) mark; the anchor is for Birmingham and the lion is for sterling silver. C is the date letter - this will be 1977 as there seem to have been a great number of souvenir ingots made for the Queen’s silver jubilee that year. The Queen’s head is a special mark used in 1977 to commemorate the jubilee. So the only question remaining is who is MPM? Unfortunately I can’t give you an answer.

Thanks i had found out some of this but i also have no idea who M PM is? my serch continues!
Thanks for your reply