Silver items and there value...High and low..

Hi all.

Well, I have just started to buy some old silver items, for collection and to use them, now and then.
What I am looking for, seeking, are things made pre 1830`s. Sauce boats, cream mugs, spoons, Salvers and so.

But, a stupid question…Why are there so much gap between the low-end and the high end in prices.
Is it all down to a famous maker?

I mean, a sauce boat with the same age, say 1770, and more or less the same weight. Why are the prices to much apart?
Any help, information?

Or is it just, some shops are more expensive than others?

Thanks for helping :smiley:

not an easy question. A number of factors can have influence.

The quality in craftmanship. Assuming 1770 - 2 different items are handmade, but still difference in quality.
Look - can differ, that some are more nice than others.
The shop - priced, high or low.
Buing price - how much did the shop pay for the item? in case they payed premium price their selling price - goes up.
Is it a defined item - does both sellers know what they are selling.
The shop - their customers. are they ready to pay more than in a different location.

Thanks for helping me