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Silver? Japanese cigarette case


I have had this case hanging about for about 30 years, it says silver & there is a solid stamped star with s. I suspect it could be a tourist case & I was thinking of selling it.

I wondered if it was genuine silver & if it was worth anything. It has a bit of weight, the clasp works although it is very mottled inside.

Any info much appreciated.

010 (500x375).jpg

I have 2 of these.
Same patern on inside as well as on onside. It is silver.
When the samorai class was prohibited - they bought a lot of presios objects. When they stopped the silversmith lost a group of customers. The silversmiths where very skilled in mixing metal as decoration.
Via oxyging they made marks at the silver - silver removed and different metals was added. You make a < into the silver ans filled it with cobber and other metals. …

with these cigaret cases they had a new customer group.
That was the story I heard.

And yes it is solid silver.


Thanks for your reply, if I were to sell it how much should I ask for?

Thanks again


I have no idea.
if you get 100£ that should correspond to what I payed for mine.
But I have no idea.

To valuate things is no my thing. I buy when I have money, find something interesting, get interested. When I have a mixture of those I buy - not thinking of value. I dont buy things to sell - I aquire things that I ind interesting and would like to research. The first one I bought because I wanted to gain knowledge, no 2 I bought because I knew what it was. I have only seen those 2 live. Then I have seen on internet, and gained knowledge.
Should I buy no 3 - then it should be absolut special because it is not in my sfere. And the know how I have obtained.

To my remember I gave 400 or 500 DKK for the first one, and around 700 or 800 for my next. 7,5 DKK=1 EURO
1£= around 8 DKK