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We believe we have a family item and using this web site have identified it was manufactured by a Birmingham silversmith using the mark J&C on a shield. The item as you can see is dated 1916 with initials MAJ so we think that these initials maybe a family name as my wifes surname was FLOWERS and they lived and worked in Birmingham but we cannot identify MA as being family. Does anyone know about this item in so far as it may be work related? Is there any value to it?
Imported Photos 00157.JPG

I can’t tell you much about this creamer, but going from your description of the maker’s mark I think it is Jones & Crompton of Spencer Street, Birmingham. Unfortunately the image of the hallmark is too small to see the details so I cannot be 100% sure about the maker. If it was assayed in 1916 the date letter would be q (1915/16) or r (1916/17).

I read the initials as MAF, but I suspect that is what you meant.

Yes, it has some value either as scrap or for what it is. Similar creamers have been selling on eBay for £30-£50.

Thank you yes it is q on the mark and we did see the silversmith who we were of mind where in Chester but did operate from Birmingham at the time of this creamer.

I doubt you know where we could endeavour to establish the initials?

Maybe somebody else here has an opinion on the initials, but for me they are almost certainly (more than 95% sure) MAF.