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Silver Knives - fully silver?

Hello, looking for some help.
I recently bought some silver tea knives, these are hall marked on the blades, walker & hall, Sheffield, 1916.
There are, however, no hallmarks on the handles.

As the blades are hall marked, does this mean the full knife is solid silver? Or should there be hallmarks on both the blades and handles?
Thanks in advance for answering what may be a daft question!

There should be marks on the handles too unless they are completely cast in one solid piece. When silver items are made of more than one component each part must bear either a full or partial mark - which is why boxes normally have a full mark on the main part and a partial mark on the lid. I have to say that it is unusual to find a silver blade and plated handle - it’s normally the other way round. Have another look on the handles for worn marks and on the ferrules.

Thanks for your swift and informative response. There is definitely no marks on any of the six handles so I now need to confirm they are cast in one piece. Thanks again.

Post a picture and we can perhaps give an opinion.

Hi, managed to get a picture added. You can see the blade hallmark but I’m still unsure if all one casting?

One more pic of the blade / handle area

I think it’s unlikely to be all one casting. The handle is almost certainly filled, with the blade attached later during the manufacturing process. That said, the handle may still be sterling but the only way to be sure is to have it properly tested. Note that electroplate gives similar results to solid silver when acid tested because it has a surface layer of silver. My advice would be to just enjoy them and not worry too much about the composition.