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Silver Lid on a Stoneware Jug

I’m trying to date and identify the hallmark on this silver lid attached to a brown stoneware jug. The jug was made around the turn of the 18th century (1780 - 1820) the lid was likely added later than at the time of manufacture. I have been told the mark may be German - but I doubt that given that the jug is English and the inscription on the lid is in English. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Following a suggestion I am attaching some additional pictures - hope this helps
74 2.jpg
74 (1).jpg

I think this is a Scottish provincial piece by John Keith of Banff. He was working in the late 18th and early 19th century. A complete picture might help to tie the mark in with the style of the pot.

Thanks . Now I know who you suggest the maker is my own research has come to the same conclusion. However any dating still appears to be a problem… I have posted some additional photos.

There can not really be any way of precisely dating John Keith and Banff silver in general. The “H” and other letter do appear on his pieces and might be some kind of date lettering system, but they might just as easily have been a journeyman’s mark. The style of the jug does suggest that somewhere either side of 1800 is about right.

Many thanks for your help

Just as a side note the jug is German

Hi - bluerinse I’m very interested in your suggestion that the jug is German - could you tell me what has drawn you to that conclusion - I appreciate this is not a silver enquiry !!

Well my first thought when I saw it was that it was German Stoneware, but I have since changed my mind it is definatly English, Royal Doulton Stonwear, sorry to change my mind but when it was sugessted earlier it was german it put the idea in my head but having thought about it its 100% Doulton (Lambert Doulton)
Nice Item.

Thank you - you had me worried for a moment!!