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Silver Lid???

I am going through various things handed down by family. this and other silver items have been in a box for years. It doesn’t look to healthy, but i was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what it is and if It is before it all ends up being sold in a lot at a local auction.

Many thanks and apologies for the lack of knowledge. :confused:

Sorry but can’t upload file. I am choosing file then clicking attach, but it just disappears. Can you advise me on what I am doing wrong.

After you have clicked the “Add Attachment” button the attachment detail boxes are cleared so that you can add another one if you want to. Your selected file name is below under “Posted Attachments”. You can check it is there by clicking the “Preview” button. Then “Submit” when you are satisfied with your query.

Thanks for reply. Hopefully attached now
siler lid mark 001 resized.jpg

2nd image. Sorry can only seem to upload one at a time.
siler lid mark 002 resized.jpg

Yes, it’s a lid - for a serving dish or plate.

The marks show that it is electroplated, not silver, and made by Walker & Hall of Sheffield. The letter O below the flag is a date code proprietary to Walker & Hall. I cannot tell you what the date is, but one of our contributors has published a book of these date codes and may be able to identify it for you.

Many thanks for quick response. I have been using not sure if this is a good site or not. Maybe the contributor might be able to enlighten me on the date if that’s allowed. but none the less thank you so much. :smiley:

sorry, one more question. Should I clean the silver pieces i am finding or leave them as they are. I have to silver foxes in a presentation box from John Morton of Dublin (closed down now I think). I cleaned one which is now bright and shiny but wish I hadn’t as I prefer the look of the other one that has been left alone (see attachment). I just don’t want to do any damage.
foxes resized 500px.jpg

Silver should always be cleaned - my opinion. The black stuff is oxidisation and dirt. But use a good quality polish and don’t overdo it.