Silver makers mark identity

I recently purchased this piece, it is a silver hinged pot, Repousse decorated with a floral, Putti, rabbit and pipe smoking continental male figure theme, and gilt interior.

I think the ‘Crown’ over letter ‘R’ stamp may be a French mid 18th century tax charge mark, but I can find nothing similar to the ‘Swan’ stamp mark, which may be a tax paid/discharge mark or a makers mark.

Any help or confirmation info’ would be gratefully received, many thanks all.


French silver marks are not my area so I am not ruling out your supposition. However the crowned-R looks remarkably like the mark of Friedrich Reusswig of Hanau. This would date your box to the early 20th century, much more in keeping with the crispness of the marks. You can see an example of Reusswig’s mark (admittedly without the swan) here.


Cheers Phil, much obliged.