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Silver mark driving me nuts


I am student in a research class and I think I have come against a mark that is just unidentified - but I keep running myself in circles… mark is attached. Like I said, this is a class project so I don’t actually know what object the mark was found on.

I found it in the “Marks of Other European Countries” section of the Wyler book, BOOK OF OLD SILVER. It’s in the lower right hand corner of page 375 and given the reference number 9556- but, without explanation, the numbered index stops at 9421. I haven’t been able to find the mark in any other silver book I have tried.

Where I am with it now is that it is European, but not English or German, and I don’t have any dating.

I’d appreciate any feedback you have to offer.


No luck here I’m afraid … nor other sites I guess
Best of luck finding it

I found that other post but it wasn’t me…

Oh well on this one. I have one other one too that I am stuck on and will post in a moment.

Thanks for the reply.