Silver Mark hallmark ? france? identify help

Hello. Who can tell me exactly what kind of hallmark, silver hallmark it is?
I read EV or LV. Old characters. It could be France? A bracket says Depose .

There is also a sign or symbol on the front. But that apparently has nothing to do with silver designations!!??

I look forward to help

I am no expert on French silver but I don’t see anything there which indicates French (or any other) silver. Deposée just means that the design is registered and the initials may be those of the owner.


Hello, what could the initials, letters mean?

As I said in my reply: “the initials may be those of the owner”

Yes, you say it, but you and I don’t know whether it’s true. I’ll wait and see what other experts in the forum say.
It’s hard for me to imagine that an owner had such letters engraved with approximately 0.5 - max. 1mm.

I also thought that “depose” indicated that the item was French and from before the 1950s, which is why they stopped using it. But look at this item here, Italian and it has “depose”.

Hello…OK…this is correct !. It is not only from France, etc.