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"Silver" mark on decorative sugar sifter

I’m not convinced this is actually silver, but the marks are very distinctive, although unfamiliar. There are three impressed marks - what appears to be a human head and shoulders, a strange symbol, rather like a wheatsheaf in a shield-shaped cartouche, and then a six-pointed sun/star.

The item is a heavily repoussé’d sugar sifter, roughly 8" tall.

Does anyone recognise the style of these marks - which country, perhaps?

Although still unable to identify the mark, I have found another example of the same sugar sifter, currently listed on eBay. This second sifter bears almost identical “hallmarks”, which the seller believes to be French, but they’re like no other French “hallmarks” I’ve ever seen …


I have also found a pair of decorative salts with, again, the same mark:

There are two of these, with removable glass liners.

I think that we are not going to be able to help you here; we have only a few active contributors. You might like to try another forum - this one for example.


Thanks Phil.

I’m coming round to the possibility that these may be Hanau, although I’ve been unable so far to attribute them to a specific silversmith. The style and quality would seem to make it a possibility.

I have found a source now that attributes this mark to one of the Hanau silversmiths, c1890-1900, so I’m happy with that now. So many records for the Hanau makers have been lost that I don’t suppose it’s realistic to think I can identify the exact workshop that this came from.

I have posted a question on the “OW” Sheffield Plate mark on the other forum you recommended.

Here is something similar from 1809

Here are your sugar & salt shakers German silver late 19th century