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"Silver" marking on cutlery set

Hello - I have a 47 piece of silver cutlery set - all the pieces other than the knifes are marked “SILVER” at the back. There is no other marking on the set. Some of the pieces have also got tarnished which makes me think they are actually silver.

I got this set as a gift from someone in America.

Can someone please help identify if this mark means these pieces are solid sterling silver or silver plated or not silver at all?

I am sorry I cannot load photos of them as the mark is very small and I cannot capture it on my camera.

Thanks for your help

Hi there and thanks for joining us. The word “silver” probably means the items are silver plated. Virtually all American sterling silver is marked “sterling” or “925”…most American silver plated items are either not marked at all or use some fancy term such as “quad plate” or “extra plate”. Most British silver plated items carry the “EP” mark fro “Electro Plated” or “EPNS” for “Electro Plated Nickel Silver”.

A simple method to check for silver plate is to rud the item briskly with your thumb then smell the item where you have rudded…if you smell an acrid aroma, its silver plated…if almost no smell its either solid silver or another metal such as pewter.

My guess is what you have is silver plated. A jeweler can test it with acid to be sure.


Uncle Vic