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Silver marks on cutlery, think its plate?

Hi, I was given a spoon by my dad to try and find out its dates and where it was made but im absolutely useless at looking throught all the pictures they all look the same to me :frowning: I know he got it off a family member in Northumberland other than that I have no idea im sorry. There is no definitive Silver mark that I can see, and some wear on it so making an educated guess im going to say its plated. Any help would be greatly appreciated Please excuse my gorgeous mousemat in the photos! … 3.jpg?dl=0 … 5.jpg?dl=0

Yes, it is plated. The letter A is an indication of plating quality (not as good as A1). JD&S is James Dixon & Sons, a Sheffield manufacturer, and the kite mark is a design registration mark. This shows that the design was registered on 3 July 1867 so the spoon was made some time after that. A guide to British registration marks can be found here.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: my dad has the forks and knives too. He will be so pleased and I am very thankful for your help!