Silver marks on pocket watch

I need help identifying these marks and figuring out what then mean.

This is a Dublin hallmark for 1867. JB (or JE?) is the watch case maker, but I have no idea who it could be.

Thanks for the indentification! Much appreciated.
What’s the “B” over the JD or JE. I included an extra pic to help.

In the original pic there is also what appears to be a 4 and 9 at the bottom. Does this have any important meaning?

The B could be part of the maker’s mark or it could be a journeyman’s mark. Numbers on watch cases are often serial numbers - of the case itself rather than the watch.

Did some quick google searches and found that the JD is for John Donegan.

The link to the silvermark can be found at … in-JL.html

Now to identify the B.

Now why didn’t I see that? It’s my web site!!!