Silver Mercedes-Benz Cup

I have a silver (I think) cup which was presented to Mercedes-Benz to mark the Truck Of The Year in 1985 by Truck Magazine.

It measures 90mm x 75mm

It was made by Jocyln Burton and is in its origional box.

See the images ive atatched

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this item :slight_smile:
Silver (2).jpg
Silver (1).jpg

its great! To a car collector this is a great item, to a silver collector, its great!
Made in london, its a small peice of history. Depending on the weight/size it might be worth upwards of 60 pounds easily.

How do i tell what grade silver it is ?

the lion passant (hallmark of a lion at the top picture) indicates it’s sterling silver. Being 92.5% silver, which is standard grade.

Upwards of £60… ?

The silver beaker on the site below is valued at £550 and its very similar (although 5cm taller)…
And it dosnt have the historical/uniqueness value (if any) that mine has.

[url]Antique Sterling Silver Cutlery & Small Silver Items - Styles Silver

Also i’d esimate it weighs around 9-10oz and if it is .925 like mentioned above, weiging it in for scrap i could get in the reqion of £120 - £160…

I may be totally wrong though…

Anyone any further thoughts on this item ?