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Silver mustard Pots


Hi, I have sterling silver mustard pots as follows and wondered if I could get some more information about them and what they might be worth.

Two matching:

R&P lion passant Leopards head without crown R

Two matching:

J H Co Lion Passant Leopards head with crown and What looks like a backwards P

one single:

This is oblong the others were round
D & F (Possibly E) Anchor lion small b

I have two round salts as well which simply says Reproduction of old Sheffield made in England with a mark above this but presume they are therefore not sterling silver?

Many thanks for any help on the above as they belonged to my grandmother and have come into my possesion!

Kind regards - Nikki


Hi Nikki,
I really need photo’s to tell you anything about these i’m afraid.

If you post a close up of the marks I will tell you all about them.



Hello Daniel,

I will do! Thanks so much for your pompt reply. We had a problem resizing our photos to the smaller image but will have another go today.

Kind regards


Hello Daniel,

I am sending photos of the hallmarks for the mustard pots I wrote to you about. There are two matching rounds, two more matching rounds and an oblong. As well as two round salt cellars. The two salt cellars I have say reproduction of Old Shefield on the bottom.

Another query if you don’t mind. My grandfather passed these candlesticks to my mother and she has now given them to me. We have always been curious about them and I wondered if you could shed any light about them. I have taken a photo of one and with it photos of the hallmarks on the top piece of silver and also on the base of the silver. They have small tusks supoprting as you will see.

I very much appreciate your help with identifying all these peices.

Many thanks and kind regards
Claret jug 012.jpg
Claret jug 010.jpg
Claret jug 009.jpg


Hi Daniel,

As I was nto able to send all the photos at once I am attaching them.

Claret jug 006.jpg
Claret jug 016.jpg
Claret jug 018.jpg


Attached are the last 3 photos!

Many thanks
Claret jug 007.jpg
Claret jug 005.jpg
Claret jug 008.jpg


Hi again Nikki,

So, the salts look like they were made in the 50’s, which is when silversmiths started using copper as a base metal again rather than nickel, hence Old Sheffield reproduction, even though the process of making these items was completely different from the original way of making them (originally Old Sheffield plate was basically a heat fused copper sandwich with silver as the bread, in the 50’s they worked out a cheap way of electroplating copper).

The mustard pot with the JH & Co mark is made by Joseph Heming & Co (the JH & Co mark) in London in 1911 (the date letter q). Joseph Heming & Co began life as a retail shop in the 1890’s, registered their first hallmark in 1902, and in 1912 became Heming & Co. I believe they were in buisness until around 1980.

I’m afraid I just can’t read the marks on the mustard below this, can you describe them to me? is the letter r a capital or small? Is the R P mark on its own or is it R&P?

The candlesticks are lovely, I have seen them before, typically late Victorian in date. Yours appear to be made in Sheffield (the crown mark), but I cannot see the date letter or the first initial of the makers mark so at the moment can’t tell you anything else on these. The tusk is usually from a poor defenseless Boar…

The bottom image of the oblong mustard is hard to see also, but I believe it is made by Deakin & Francis, in Birmingham (the anchor) in 1901. Deakin and Francis registered their first mark in 1901, and I think were still making in the 50’s, but I may be wrong…

If you can describe the rest of the marks I will fill in the gaps.

Best regards


HI Nikki,
I just saw your last few photo’s.

So, your candlesticks were made in Sheffield in 1899. The mark on the base appears to be that of John Round & Son Ltd,



Hello Daniel,

Again, many thanks for your swift reply!

The first mustard pot is as follows:

R.P (capital R capital P and the full stop in the middle of the letters not at the bottom of the letter). The next looks like a head followed by the capital K.

The oblong pot is as you say with the lion and a small b.

I was particularly interested in your reply with regards to the candlesticks and very much appreciated hearing about them.

I am considernig whether I sell the mustard pots and salts but do not have any idea of value.

Again, many thanks for all your help.

Kidn regards


The mark on the silverplated salts looks like one used by Barker Bros., Birmingham, England.


Many thansk Daniel for your help with the mustard pots etc.

Kind regards


Thats no troubles.

Do let me know if you need any further help.

All the best


Good morning Daniel,

I appreciated the information regarding the candle sticks you sent me and passed this along to my mother as she had given them to me as they had belonged to my grandfather. She wondered what their value might be. As they are something I want to keep I hadn’t thought about it but if you have any rough idea I would like to let her know.

Thanks again for your time and help!

Kind regards


Hi again Nikki,
Sorry I havent replied before this, I’ve been ill the last few days but all better now.

I should think that to replace the candlesticks you would be looking at around £1000 (GBP), they are quite hard to find these days, and yours appear to be in very good condition.

Also, the other mustard pot looks like Robert Pringle, hallmarked in London in 1945.

Best regards


Hi Daniel,

Hope you are feeling better. Again, thanks so much for the info!

Very much appreciated.

Kind regards