Silver? Or not?

My wife thinks this is silver. I’m dubious.

We inherited several sets of very nice (if a tad ornate for my taste) silver flatware, but included in these were 8 forks of a very plain design. They are of Japanese manufacture (her family moved to Japan in 1902 and remained there except during WW II).

Some pics are below (I hope - this is my first shot on this forum :laughing: )
silverware sig1.jpg
silverware sig.jpg

Hi there J Lewis, welcome to I’m no expert on Japanese silver, but generally prior to 1928 Japanese sterling was marked with the Japanese characters for “Jungin” meaning “pure silver”. Laws passed in 1928 and 1954 required a decimal number for the purity of silver such as "sterling .950). Absent these marks the odds are your forks are not sterling. This information was found on


Uncle Vic

Many thanks. My guess was some kind of plate.