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Silver or plate, real or made to look the part

I have been trying to find information on these, I think that MG might be maker, the other marks a running deer? And tree ? , I’m not sure if they are silver, plate…or a base metal of some kind, they are all slightly different in the way they are put together, they are all slightly different in weight , I am assuming they do have some silver component to them as they tarnish…and info would be greatly appreciated

From the photos I couldn’t tell you. Obviously they don’t have a fineness mark, but that’s usually not a problem. Do you think you could post a more detailed picture of the marks? And do you think they are British?

Finally (obviously this will not help you find the maker :wink: ) have you done any of the classic tests to see if they’re solid silver, such as the magnet test (magnetic = not silver) and the ice cube test (silver should melt an ice cube very quickly due to high thermal conductivity).

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


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We can certainly rule out a British origin for your spoons. Northern Europe is most likely in my opinion. I am sure I have seen these marks before but I can’t remember any details. They are not Hanau but I think the spoons may be silver rather than plated.


Some apostle spoons with identical back-of-bowl marks were the subject of a query on another forum. Bizarrely it was I who raised the question - probably explains why I though they were familiar! The consensus seems to be that they are Dutch reproductions but with no conclusion about possible silver content.

Quiet hard to get a close up…

And some more have just popped up on the same site today with a slightly different set of marks.

I’m wondering if they are German, I searched German silver marks and I now believe that it’s an Eagle mark at the base of the v of the handle, common on German pieces…

I think there is no doubt that they are Dutch.

Thanks , I have seen the same mark on other things, just clutching at straws…