Silver or plated bowl

Hi guys need help on this bowl I picked up today. ADragsted mark ?silver? or plated ?

I would say that this is a very beautiful silver plated bowl by a good Danish maker.

I have handled a couple of pieces by this maker. The sterling silver pieces I have encountered are typically marked with the old Danish “three towers” stamp and Copenhagen assay either side of the stamp in your photograph, or are marked “S925” or “Sterling” under the stamp. To me, it appears to be of the same quality as their sterling silver works, but in the absence of any other marks I believe it is almost certainly silver plate.


Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

Regards T

Is there anyway of dating this piece? From the mark?

I cannot give you a specific date, only a date range. The stamp on your piece is identical to the stamp the company used on their sterling silver wares (minus the silver marks) between 1938 and 1947. The stamp may have been used on silver plate beyond 1947, but I had a silver plated piece by them made in the early 1950s and that had a different mark, so 1938-1952 would probably be the period in which it was made.

It’s a mystery because your wright after googling the name on Denmark silver marks it explains and shows the silver plate marks and they are different to mine. It also states that the very well established known silver smiths didn’t always use the full hallmarks and this regulation was very lax as people didn’t need this reassurance because they knew who the maker was. So this is possibly silver. But also a head spinner. Thanks again for your time.
Regards T