Silver or plated Royal Danish?

I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to these marks by International Sterling Co or any actual reference to marks they used on silver and/or plate on any reference website ( etc). There is no separate STERLING or 925 stamp which to me says silver plated ware. I hope someone can clarify please.Thanks.

I believe it is sterling. The manufacturer’s name is International Silver Co, not International Sterling Co, so I think that “STERLING” under “INTERNATIONAL” is the indication that it is silver and not plated.



Thank you, but I went that route and there is no record either in silver or silver plate marks of International Sterling/Royal Danish to be found in the listings.

Although I have seen it listed as International Silver Co. An anomaly.“Royal%20Danish”%20sterling%20silver%20flatware%20service,-Second-quarter%2020th


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No anomaly: Co is short for Company, but you must have known that…

I was just pointing out that “sterling” is not part of the manufacturer’s name so must have some other significance. I suggest you get it XRF tested to put your mind at rest.

ok thank you for the help.

Royal Danish is most likely the pattern name. You can search on via photo for confirmation.

Under Federal Law use of the word STERLING has a significant meaning. It means that the item must be sterling. Also if you google Royal Danish Flatwear you will lots of actual set of flatwears for sale and all state the items are sterling. Here is a link Varying marks on Royal Danish flatware - SMP Silver Salon Forums that shows your hallmark and some more information.

Yes thank you I had already visited the site and taken in the information which at best is inconclusive. My problem with the marking as with the quote beow is with the marking “International Sterling” which is convoluted. All US STERLING silver I have come across has a separate mark of STERLING and there appears to be no definitive answer unles silver tested.
“The marking system used by International Silver remains one of the great mysteries of US silver. There are times when it appears to be almost random. The knight is the mark of IS’ Simpson Hall & Miller. The USA is one I have never seen before. International Sterling appears sometimes for no apparent reason.
There is, as far as I know, no published research on the subject of IS and its marks. All that is known is that sets of IS can come with different marks on various pieces. And that IS has at times released items using marks that had been dormant for decades. And that IS never kept any record of how they marked items.”