Silver pick? Not sure of mark, help please?

Hi there. I today purchase a pair of what I think are shell fish crackers and a meat pick. I am not sure if the crackers are silver as they are not marked, but the pick is marked with makers ‘JD&S’ (Sheffield I am led to believe). But I can not identify the other mark and wondered if anyone might be able to help. It is what looks like a bird? inside a ‘Tulip’ shape?
Here are the pictures, any help appreciated.

silver mark2.jpg
silver mark1.jpg

The symbol is a lamp (old style oil lamp) and JD&S are James Deakin & Sons of Sheffield. It is an electroplate, not silver, mark.

Thank you, I wasn’t sure if it was ‘James Deakin & Son’ or James Dixon & son’ as they were both manufacturing in Sheffield. Would you have any idea of the date of this please?
Thanks for the info.

We don’t have any information about when various styles of trade marks were in use so the best I can say is late 19th century or first half of 20th century.