Silver Plate Dug in old Tip


I’m just wondering if anybody can help me identify the hall marks and date.

I normally dig and collect old bottles and to my surprise this came out of a hole in Aldershot.

It has a London head the letter C in capital and a Crown with the initials AG underneath they are very clear but too small to photograph.

I looked up the Regiment and they got disbanded many years ago I think it was attached to some wood but it looks like the Piece of plate it’s referring to is the plate itself?

Any information would be apricated m.

Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately without a picture I fear it is going to be very difficult to help you completely. If your camera’s macro function cannot reach the marks there are 2 other methods you might consider. First you could try to make an accurate drawing, scan it or photograph it and post the resulting image. Second you could try taking a picture through a magnifying glass. This technique does work as an autofocus camera can allow for the extra lens.

I wonder if your crown over AG mark is actually Robert Garrard’s mark:

In the context of this plaque “plate” means silver so I would suggest that your plaque was originally fixed to a display case which contained a nice piece of silver which has since been disposed of either by being sold or by being passed on to successor regiments.

Thanks for the reply,

Yes that’s the mark exactly the same.

I will try and take a better photo of the marks tomorrow using your advice.

The plate is very thick and has a bracket on the back to hold it up.

I will take photos tomorrow.

Thanks again Andy.