Silver plate or Real silver

Hey everyone
I am a new member, wishing to get any possible help to identify, couple of trays, I won them at eBay.
The seller mentioned that they are Silver plate.
Have to different stamp.
1st stamp is Z letter inside circle stamp, which exactly can’t figure it out​:man_bowing::man_bowing:. 2nd stamp is an Egyptian stamp - back to 1953-1959.
Just want to get any extra information about them, specifically silver or plate?
Thanks everyone

This is a genuine Egyptian mark for 900 standard silver. The Z is not part of the hallmark so must be a maker’s mark. The 3 components of the hallmark are (left to right): the combined town mark and fineness, the latter given by the Arabic numerals for 90; the “lotus with dots” for siver used from 1966; and the date letter which might be the one used 1965-1967.

There is a useful guide to Egyptian hallmarks (which I have used to derive the above information) here.


Thank you so much Phil for your information and your help.
I have no doubt about the stamps it is from Egypt back to the period from 1952 to 1959.
The problem is I assume the plate itself is silver plated and it was stamped either by mistake or using fake or expired Stamp pen afterwards.
Nothing, gives me any clue that this is a genuine silver except stamp.
If there is no stamps, I will go with there is no silver content in this plate!!!
Any extra possible help?

This is 900 standard silver dating from after 1966. There is no evidence whatsoever that it is silver plate. If you are convinced that it is plated I suggest that you try polishing part of the base of one of them as hard as you can to see if you can get through the plating layer to a base metal. You could also try a magnet test; this is not conclusive for silver but some (not all) base alloys are magnetic.

Thanks for your information, the try doesn’t work with magnets at all.